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Wing Chun Kung Fu in Lake Placid, New York

About Us

Want to learn Wing Chun Kung Fu in a safe non-threatening environment?

Kung Fu in Lake Placid: Revolution Wing Chun in Lake Placid is open to students 14 years and older, and is accessible even to those with physical limitations.  Unlike many other martial arts style, you do not have to have great strength, speed or flexibility to become proficient in Wing Chun kung fu.  The attributes of structure, balance, timing, focus, relaxation, and sensitivity are developed through the effectiveness of this self-protection art. 

Two Family Lineages of Wing Chun

What's different about Revolution Wing Chun?  We explore Wing Chun across two family lines (Ip Man - Moy Yat and Wong Shun Leung) through Si Gong Chuck O'Neill's Revolution training and study how to optimally work the Wing Chun principles in real life application.  

Instructor James Gann expands the Revolution Wing Chun family to the Adirondacks and teaches group and private classes based on the Revolution curriculum. 

Get your first 2 weeks of classes for free!

We understand that Wing Chun isn't for everyone.  That's why for a limited time, we're offering a two week trial absolutely for free.  If you don't absolutely love it like we do, it's okay, we'll understand.  But if you do, you can join as a RWC member.

Your membership includes:

  1. Eight 90 min - 2 hour classes per month
  2. Bonus Tuesday make-up classes and specialty focus classes
  3. Invitations to Si Gong Chuck's annual workshops
  4. Access to join other Revolution Wing Chun classes in Canada
  5. Revolution Wing Chun curriculum materials
  6. Grading days to graduate to the next level

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Private and Small Group Training Available

Interested in family, small business or personal training? Just contact James and he can help design a program for your needs.

Revolution Wing Chun Lake Placid

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